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Birch mushroom set - 4 species - mycelium

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Birch mushroom set - 4 species mycelium is the ideal way to grow valuable edible mushrooms for 3 to 5 seasons. We offer the one-and-only set of the delicious Polish forest mushrooms that live in mycorrhizal symbiosis with the popular birch tree. This set contains mycelium of the birch cep (Boletus betulicola), rough-stemmed bolete (Leccinum scabrum), blushing bolete (Leccinum melaneum) and orange birch bolete (Leccinum versipelle). Large, multicoloured caps will delight the mushroom picker's eyes and create an exceptional, natural decoration of your allotment. Cultivation of the mushrooms growing in the wild is very easy, if you purchase high quality mycelium. The only thing you need for the healthy fruit bodies to emerge regularly and in large numbers is a close vicinity of birches and sufficient humidity. Birch cep is perfectly fitted for drying, marinating, cooking and frying, while the steamed boletes form a perfect addition to rich sauces and roasted meat. You will harvest them from July to October.

What should you do to enjoy the sight and taste of the self-grown forest mushrooms' Planting edible mushrooms in the garden is very easy and can be performed all vegetation period long - from April to October. You only need to dig a few holes, 30 - 40 cm wide and 15 cm deep, around a tree. You will achieve the best results making three holes per tree (this recommendation concerns both old and younger trees) located in the distance measuring ten times the diameter of the trunk. Fill the holes halfway with a mixture of garden soil and peat and sawdust, spread 1/3 of the spawn package over it and cover with soil to ground level. The last step would be abundant watering of the ground around the holes (approximately 10 litres of water per hole, you may add 10 g of sugar to the water). We advise to cover the site with moss, pine bark or any other natural forest mulch. Now you only need to water the sites in longer drought periods and wait for the crops to emerge.

The package contains ground biological spawn (mycelium) on grain. Detailed growing instructions have been included in the package information. The producer estimates the probability of successful mushroom development for 85 - 87%. The emergence of mushrooms depends on the environmental conditions and proper site preparation.

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