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Butterhead lettuce "Justyna" - early variety - SEED TAPE

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Butterhead lettuce "Justyna" (Lactuca sativa) - SEED TAPE - is a universal variety, fitted for all season cultivation in the field or under covers in spring. Even in hot, sunny months it does not develop flowering stalks. This productive lettuce variety forms magnificent heads that reach weight of 300 - 400 g. Large, pale green, almost ideally smooth leaves delight with excellent taste. Well developed heads may be harvested gradually even one month long, because they retain their quality for a long time.

Lettuce may be successfully grown from a seed tape in garden or in containers. The use of ready-made seed tapes significantly facilitates culture set up. Seeds have been placed in optimal spacings that guarantee maximum use of the area and proper plants’ growth. Prepare furrows 0.5 - 1 cm deep and unreel tapes there. Cover with soil and water abundantly. You do not need to thin the seedlings after the emergence. Sow lettuce from April to June into a soil rich in nutrients and water.

Each package contains 7 m of seed tape with "Justyna" lettuce seeds. The package information contains growing instructions and the sow-by date.

  • Use: direct consumption
  • Growth form: heads
  • Foliage: large, pale green, smooth leaves
  • Site: soil rich in nutrients and water
  • Quantity: 7 m of seed tape
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