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Cake and food decorating bag - DELÍCIA - 40 cm - 10 pcs; sac a poche

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The presented DELICIA cake and food decoration bag (sac a poche) from DELÍCIA offers a great way of decorating sweet and savoury pastry, writing down a name or any other text on the cake or filling cupcakes. The presented sac a poche has been made of the extremely durable plastic that does not get harmed by pressing on it in order to empty it. Thanks to the high quality used in production you will avoid the annoying breaking of the bag and achieve the spectacular results.

You may use the presented sac a poche in two ways: with a cut off ending or with the plastic nozzles. The 40 cm length of the bags allows you to put more filling into the dish or to fulfil a contract.

Each package contains 10 cake and food decorating bags.