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Candle and vase saucers and trays

The category Candle and vase saucers and trays encompasses all these accessories that will adorn the headstone and grave, but - first and foremost - they will protect it from dirt and damage. Stearin dripping from the candles is hard to remove without scrubbing and possibly scratching the stone. This concerns terrazzo headstones the most. The elegant saucers and trays in various colours and shapes will free you from the cumbersome cleaning graves from dried stearin and wax.

We hereby offer products delivered by the renown brands that enjoy trust of our Customers. That is why you will find a wide variety of candle saucers from Lamela in our assortment. They have been manufactured of durable plastic and are therefore weatherproof, do not break nor deform when exposed to high temperatures. You may choose, for example, an oval 40 or 44-cm saucer that will accommodate several medium-sized memorial candles.

We invite you to learn more about assortment of Candle and vase saucers and trays. These premium class products are instantly available at our online store - you only need to add them to the virtual shopping cart. Save money with us thanks to the affordable prices!