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Catmint Mosquito Repellent seeds - Nepeta mussinii - 120 seeds

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Catmint ‘Mosquito Repellent’ is a decorative perennial variety that produces an aroma which repels mosquitoes. Thanks to this desirable quality, the plant is ideal to grow at the places that we particularly like to spend time at, for instance pergolas, arbours, benches, hammocks, etc. With the beautiful violet blue flowers, Catmint ‘Mosquito Repellent’ is an excellent choice for perennial beds, rockeries or borders.

Growing: sow the seeds from May to June. The seeds germinate in 14 to 20 days at 20°C. This variety flowers from May to September. The plants grows up to 40 centimetres in height and prefer light permeable soils in sunny positions. This variety is also highly attractive to cats.

Each packet contains 0.1g of seeds.
Each packet includes a growing guide and a sow-by date.

Approximately 120 seeds (+/- 20%)

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