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Cemetery benches

Our garden store offers Graveyard and cemetery benches from a Polish manufacturer. They are available in various sizes and versions. We offer solid, durable standalone cemetery benches and the models that are mounted in the soil. These include functional models with folding seats and accessory boxes. You will find the whole assortment below - we kindly encourage you to browse through the images.

A cemetery bench of premium quality enhances the comfort of visiting graves of your dear passed away ones. In order for such a piece of furniture to serve you long and reliably, it has to be manufactured of durable materials. Our models comply with these requirements. We offer benches made of PVC enriched with the UV granulate. This professional mixture ensures high durability of the product and its resistance to ever changing weather, including rain, snow, frost and other unfavourable factors. Benches available at our store have been powder coated black and carefully finished. A broad selection of sizes and product models allows you to make a purchase that will meet your expectations. If there is not enough space in the alley, choose a model with a folding seat, such as the 50-cm Graveyard, cemetery bench - ribbed, in-soil mounting - single seat (available in 72 and 83 cm version, too). The other model that you might find interesting is the 72 or 82-cm wide Graveyard, cemetery standalone bench with straight rails. As you can see, you might choose from various in-soil mounted and free standing benches. There are also handy self-assembly products available in our store, such as the 15-rib Self assemble graveyard, cemetery bench. This particular model is equipped with a seat reinforced with angle bars and welded legs supported with horizontal poles, allowing it to withstand substantial loads. Our largest benches ensure even greater comfort. The Graveyard, cemetery bench with a large box and a back rest - please note that the box is locked with a key - is not only a comfortable place of rest and reflection, but a great storage option for cleaning agents and headstone maintenance accessories, too.

Take advantage of our huge selection and order a cemetery bench at an affordable price with free home delivery. Find the model that ideally suits your needs and invest in good, lasting quality. We encourage you to shop and make orders in our online store!