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Cesspool and home sewage treatment plant granulate + lavatory BIO gel - BioFos - 1 kg + 500 ml

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Cesspool and home sewage treatment plant granulate + lavatory BIO gel - BioFos - 1 kg + 500 ml is a set of biologically active cleaning agents that base on the innovative Bio-Active Max formula. A probiotic that speeds up sewage decomposition to fully liquefied form is the biologically active compound. The use of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria enable these products to work and remain effective in all conditions.

Regular use of this substance helps to eliminate the pungent odour, decrease congestion risk and limits sludge building. Thanks to liquefied sewage you do not need to empty the cesspool so frequently and will get rid of the thick and compact outer layer, called the sludge blanket. Our products help maintain the sewage installation in good shape, is safe for people, animals and the environment. The natural lavender extract that our agents contain and that gives them a pleasant, fresh smell, is yet another advantage of our set.

The application of our products could not be easier, you only need to pour the measured dose of the product into the toilet and flush it. The powder is ideally suited for use in home sewage treatment plants and cesspools, private sewage system service pipes and sewage tanks. You may also use it in the agriculture in manure tanks, as it does not influence the quality of the natural fertilizer in any way.

The BIO lavatory gel for cleaning toilets, metal and ceramic sinks, shower bases and other sanitary equipment is included in the set. The gel offered in this set intensifies the functioning of the biologically active BioFos products poured into the toilets. It contains the innovative Bio-Active Max formula enriched with the natural lavender extract, just like the granulate. Thanks to that feature the gel leaves the cleaned surfaces shining, free of stone, rust and sludge, as well as freshly smelling.

The BioFos cleaning agents combine high efficiency with user safety and care for the environment.

This offer is valid for a set consisting of a Cesspool and home sewage treatment plant granulate and the Lavatory Bio gel from BioFos - 1 kg + 500 ml. Instructions of use the best-before date have been printed on the package.