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Conifer Hortiphoska - against needle browning - an easy to use and efficient fertilizer - Agrecol® - 1 kg

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Needle browning belongs to the most common conifer growing issues. Agrecol® found a way to solve it - the exceptional Conifer Hortiphoska presented here. It offers an effective and efficient solution that ensures that your conifers will stay vividly coloured. It stands out with easy application and all-purposeness.

Presented fertilizer is pefectly suited for all the most popular conifers grown in gardens across Europe and elsewher - pines, spruces, thujas, cypresses and many others. Main component of this conifer food is magnesium that effectively and quickly stops needle discolouration and chlorosis. You may use it as precautionary measure, but it will also work in emergency situations, making needles denser and bringing back their intense colouring and shine. Your plants will look great again.

Conifer Hortiphoska does not only prevent needls from browning. It contains micronutrients that support overall plant growth. You may use it from early spring until late autumn. Dosage depends on the height of your conifers.

The package contains 1 kg of the fertilizer, as well as the best-before date and instructions of use (printed on the package).

Application method:
depending on the needs the fertilizer can be used all year long, apart from the time when the earth is frozen or covered with snow. Spread the fertilizer evenly under the tree and shrub corollas, applying 20 grams per each metre of plant height. In case of the shrubs or creeping plants you should need to adjust the dosage according to the shrub width, with the diameter of the plant replacing the height in the dosage rate above. In case of substantial magnesium deficiencies you can repeat the fertilization 2 to 3 times every 2 weeks. The fertilizer can be applied as a precaution and on plants that are by nature prone to magnesium deficiencies by a single round of broadcasting 20 to 30 grams per 1 m2 of land. We recommend to mix the fertilizer with the upper layer of soil and abundantly water the plant. The regular watering of the plants increases the efficiency of the active compounds.