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Eko herb, tomato and cucumber fertilizer - Target® - 1 kg

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This 100% organic fertilizer is recommended for the eco-friendly cultivation of tomatoes, herbs and cucumbers.

It contains organic compounds that soil-borne bacteria transforms into humus. A hefty addition of potassium helps the plants produce rich crops. Magnesium, needed for the proper execution of the photosynthesis, ensures deep, juicy green colouring of the foliage.

Nutrients are gradually released into the soil during a course of circa 100 days.

The measuring cup included in the package allows you to precisely dose the fertilizer.

The package contains 1 kg of fertilizer.

Fertilizer application rate:

Fertilization during planting: 100 grams per 1 m2
Fertilization of the already growing plants: 250 grams per 1 m2
Time of application: April - September