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Exotic plant fertilizer in a handy dispenser - Vital Complex - Florovit - 30 ml

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Vital Complex is a complete fertilizer that is available here in a handy dispenser. This innovative preparation is dedicated to warm climate plants, such as cacti, citrus plants, and bonsai trees. Its unique composition, developed by experts, has been devised to meet all the nutritional needs of this group of plants. A comprehensive treatment that this fertilizer offers, increases the vigour of plants. It supports the proper growth and development of the root system, the condition of which is reflected in the general condition of the plant. Regular application of the presented product increases the natural resistance of plants. It can be applied during every season, once a month.
Easy use is yet another advantage of the product. Just break off the tip at the marked spot and stick the dispenser into the soil. The fertilizer drips freely to the ground provides balanced and gentle treatment. The period after which the dispenser is emptied depends on the quality and humidity of the soil.

The price quoted here is valid for one Vital Complex Exotic plant fertilizer in a handy dispenser from Florovit.