Field butterhead lettuce "Attractie" - 855 seeds

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"Attractie" lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is an attractive variety of the butterhead lettuce, intended for cultivation in the field during the whole vegetation season. It belongs to the medium early varieties and develops large heads with a compact build. Round, slightly wavy leaves take on a nice, pale green colour. Thin and tender foliage of the "Attractie" lettuce have a great taste and make a perfect addition to salads and sandwiches or dish garnish. They show high nutritional value, as they are rich in beta-carotene, vitamins C and PP, as well as calcium, kalium and iron.

Lettuce seeds are sown early in spring under covers, while the seedlings are transplanted to the permanent site after ca. one month. Direct sow to the field would be possible from June to October. Sunny and wind-sheltered border would constitute a perfect spot for lettuce cultivation. You need to provide this plant with well-cultivated soil rich in nutrients and humus. Butterhead lettuce is sensitive to water shortages, hence the soil should have regulated soil-air and soil-water conditions.

Each package contains 0.5 g of the "Attractie" field butterhead lettuce seeds.

A growing guide and the sow-by date are included in the package information.

  • Weight: 1 g
  • Use: direct, raw consumption in salads and sandwiches
  • Harvest time: June - October
  • Growth form: large, compact heads
  • Foliage: pale green
  • Site: sunny, wind-sheltered; well cultivated soil rich in nutrients

Approximately 855 seeds (+/- 20%)

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