Field cucumber "Aloe F1"

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"Aloe F1" cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is an early variety that is intended for cultivation in the field. It develops slightly ribbed fruit devoid of bitter taste and covered with dark green, warty peel. Cucumbers of this variety are ideal pickling material. One of the biggest advantages of the "Aloe F1" variety is resistance to diseases. Cucumber is a low-calorie and digestible vegetable. It contains fats, sugars, vitamins and minerals, of which potassium plays the most important role. Cucumber peel has the highest nutritional value and therefore we recommend to eat cucumbers whole, unpeeled. Thanks to the content of basic compounds cucumber deacidifies the body. It also helps to dispose of the excess water and toxins. Cucumbers are also rich in numerous anti-cancer substances, flavonoids, lutein and caffeic acid among others.

Seeds of the "Aloe F1" cucumber should be sown directly to the field in the second half of May. Seeds should be placed 2 - 3 per hole in 15 x 100 cm spacings. The fruit are harvest ready from July to September. Cucumbers should be grown on warm and sunny sites in humous soil with high water capacity and basic reaction, preferably enriched with manure or compost.

One package contains 3 g of the "Aloe F1" cucumber seeds, as well as the sow-by date and growing instructions.

  • Weight: 3 g
  • Use: direct consumption; pickling
  • Harvest time: July - September
  • Site: warm, sunny; humous soil with high water capacity and basic reaction
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