Field, pickling cucumber "Rodos" - 225 seeds

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Field pickling cucumber "Rodos F1" belongs to the most popular varieties grown in home gardens. This reliable, resistant heterotic hybrid cultivar pays back with high quality rich crops for even minimal care. It feels well in the open field, provided it has a warm site with well fertilized soil. It bears fruit medium early. Its short, regularly shaped, slender fruit have firm, green peels with barely visible stripes and warts. Thanks to the shape and relatively small size, "Rodos F1" cucumbers are ideal for home-made gherkins and pickles.

Seeds are sown late in spring after the last frosts. Plants will develop quickly and form numerous fruit on a sheltered, sunny site. The "Rodos F1" cultivar tolerates downy mildew and other common gourd family diseases well and has rather low requirements regardning nutrients and soil. It brings the richest crops on compost-enriched, moist and fertile soils. Nice, regularly shaped cucumbers that are ready to be pickled are harvested from mid-August until September.

Each package contains 5 g of "Rodos F1" field pickling cucumber seeds. Package information contains a growing guide and the sow-by date.

  • Weight: 5 g
  • Use: pickles
  • Harvest time: Mid-August - September
  • Site: warm, sheltered, sunny; compost enriched, moist, fertile soil

Approximately 225 seeds (+/- 20%)

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