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Field tomato "Sabala" - thick, compact habit

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Tomato "Sabala" (Solanum lycopersicum) is a field variety that forms a bushy, compact habit. It is very easy in cultivation and highly productive, reliably supplying high quality fruit recommended for direct, raw consumption and preserves. Fruit of this variety look great thanks to their round shape, shiny bright red peel and firm, delicious, dark red flesh. They usually weigh 100 g. One of the major advantages of the variety presented here is its erect habit. "Sabala" tomato grows quite broadly, yet not tall and does not tend to crawl.

Seeds of this medium early variety should be sown to cool hotbeds, indoor greenhouses or peat pots. At the end of May young tomato plants are transferred to the sunny, warm, wind-sheltered permanent site with humous, moist soil. The fruit reach crop maturity in 80 - 85 days after planting the seedlings. Tomatoes contain a priceless antioxidant called lycopene, large amounts of vitamin C, beta-carotene, kalium, magnesium and other minerals. You may treat them as sweet salad tomatoes, or use for drying, homemade purees and delicious cream-soup.

One package contains 1 g of "Sabala" tomato seeds. The package information contains a growing guide and the sow-by date.

  • Weight: 1 g
  • Use: direct, raw consumption; preserves
  • Harvest time: 80 - 85 days after planting the seedlings
  • Growth form: bushy, compact
  • Site: sunny, warm, wind-sheltered; humous, moist soil
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