"Flower painted" (Kwiatami Malowana) lawn seed selection - 1 kg

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The "Flower painted" (Kwiatami Malowana) lawn seed mix is a truly unique, stunning combination of the lawn grasses with a selection of flowers. The carefully selected species constitute a composition recommended for setting up flower meadows and arranging unused, empty garden spots, as well as adding a refreshing note to the allotment landscape. It also constitutes a great selection for surrounding the most striking buildings and structures or setting up colourful spots in parks. Excellent adaptation to changing soil and climate conditions, no need for arduous and regular care, easy growing and supporting bio diversity belong to the most impressive features of this product. The plants offered here grow well on meagre and dry soils. They offer an interesting alternative for the traditional lawn. It will enable you to save time and money. This mix attracts numerous pollinating insects. The "Flower painted" (Kwiatami Malowana) grass selection is a charming, yet exceptionally practical idea for covering borders and path edgings. It fits perfectly into naturalistic gardens.

Contents of the "Flower painted" grass and flower selection: red fescue (bunchgrass habit - Festuca rubra ssp. commutata) "Rapsodia" 10%, red fescue (creeping habit - Festuca rubra ssp. rubra) "Corail/Maxima" 29%, perennial ryegrass "Bokser" 40%, perennial ryegrass "Esquire" 10 %, sheep fescue "Bornito/Ridu/Triana" 6%, red clover "Rozeta" 1%, white clover "Abercrest" 1%, flower selection 3%.

The flower selection encompasses, among others, the following plants: cornflowers, clarkias, tickseed, California poppies, baby's-breath, tree mallow, nigella, pot marigold, cosmos, night-scented stock, chrysanthemum, campion, catchflies and pinks (carnations).

Contents of the selection may change and vary in regard to the grass varieties. This depends on the supplied product and its batch number.

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