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Garden soil lime - for all-year-round use on every soil - Ogród-Start® - 25 kg

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Application of the garden soil lime guarantees quick deacidifying of the soil and giving it a reaction desired by the majority of garden plants. Presented lime fertilizer is a premium quality product that will come in handy in every garden or allotment. Even beginning gardeners should show some interest for it, as it is easy to use and acts almost immediately on the soil.

Garden soil lime can be used for deacidifying every kind of soil - not only in the garden or on the field, but also on meadows, pastures, orchards and on lawns. Presented product needs to be applied early in spring or late in autumn, in order to let it change the soil reaction before the start of the vegetational period. You may also use it as top dressing, as it does not have to be mixed with soil. Granulated lime is safe for the skin of your hands. You may broadcast it by hand or with help of a garden seeder.

One package contains 25 kg of the garden soil lime, as well as the best-before date and instructions of use.

Dosage: Light soil: pH <4.5: 25 kg per 100 m2, pH 4.6-5.0: 18 kg per 100 m2, PH 5.1-5.5: 11 kg per 100 m2, PH 5.6-6.0: 7 kg per 100 m2. Medium heavy soil: pH <5: 30 kg per 100 m2, pH 5.1-5.5: 20 kg per 100 m2, pH 5.6-6.0: 11 kg per 100 m2, pH 6.1-6.5: 7 kg per 100 m2. Heavy soil: pH <5.5: 35 kg per 100 m2, pH 5.6-6.0: 20 kg per 100 m2, pH 6.1-6.5: 15 kg per 100 m2, pH 6.6-7.0: 7 kg per 100 m2. Can be applied on all soil types.