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Glass twist-off jars, mason jars - ø 82 - 250 ml - 8 pieces

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Twist-off glass jars constitute containers that are absolutely necessary for successful preparation of homemade delicacies and safe storage of various foods. They have been manufactured of high quality, transparent glass. The main advantage of these glass containers is that they do not alter the aroma nor taste of the food stored within. Glass does not react with food nor drinks and completely safe for human health. Since it is airtight, its contents remain fresh and retain their nutritional value for a long time. A glass jar belongs to the easy-to-clean, multiple employment products. Glass is manufactured of natural materials, does not damage nature and can be recycled or reused. Transparent glass allows you to present the contents in a particularly attractive manner.

Small capacity glass jars are ideally suited for storing honey, jam, marmalade, chutney, pickled mushrooms and other pickles. It enables you to conveniently store dry goods, too. Durable, reliable, multiple use jars will serve you for years.

Each package contains eight 250 ml glass twist of jars with a diameter of 82 mm.

  • material: glass