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"Gloria" bottle with a tasting cork - 500 ml

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The "Gloria" bottle with a T-shaped tasting cork is a set that is perfectly suited for home made liqueurs, distilled liquor, wine, juice, and sirup. Its classic elegant shape will add a noble touch to the alcohol served on parties, jubilees, weddings, and other family gatherings. The embossed circle on the front makes the bottle even more stylish. The slender and long neck of the "Gloria" bottle is easy to use and allows for precise pouring. This bottle is a great addition to your cocktail cabinet or wine cellar.

Presented bottle model has been manufactured of thick, sturdy, transparent glass. It does not react with the contents stored inside - and therefore does not alter the taste or aroma of the beverages. The fitting tasting cork ensures tight closure and extends the storage time of your home made liqueurs and other produce that you decide to fill the "Gloria" bottle with. This bottle has a standard capacity of 500 ml.

Offered price is valid for one "Gloria" bottle with a cork plug.

  • material: glass, cork, plastic