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Grass shears

Grass shears are a small, yet exceptionally useful tool. They are perfectly suited for styling and taking care of the lawn in hardly accessible spots and for pruning small hedge twigs, too. The have been specially profiled in order to enable safe and convenient cutting on flat surfaces.

The construction of grass shears is of utmost importance, not only due to the kind of task they should perform. This tool needs to be comfortable in use, rather lightweight and manufactured of high quality materials that would guarantee their durability. There are various different models available on the market, from the simple hand-operated ones, to battery-powered products. Some of them are additionally equipped with an extension arm (jib). This option allows you to trim grass while standing, what significantly improves work comfort and eliminates the stress your spine would face otherwise. There are also shears with rotating blades available in our store. They allow you to trim every haulm even more precisely for ideal results. Shears handles need to be ergonomic and lie in hand well. The blades constitute arguably the most important part of this device. We recommend that they are sharp and made of stainless steel. We hereby recommend the Fiskars shears with the unique Servo – System. This technology ensures excellent trimming results and prevents cut grass from clumping between blades. This and many other lawn care products are available at our Garden Seeds Market. Every lawn lover will leave our site satisfied – take a look and see for yourself!

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