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Hyacinth Apricot Passion - 3 pcs

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Hyacinths belong to the most popular spring bulbous plants. They are chosen by many gardeners not only because of their abundant inflorescences, but also for their dazzling fragrance.

Hyacinth "Apricot Passion" is a wonderful variety that produces exceptionally densely gathered blooms. A rosette of green, narrow leaves sprouts from the large bulbs. Flowering stalks appear right in the middle of the leaf rosettes. The beautiful blossoms take on a pastel, pink-apricot colour. Each of the dozens of flowers is bell-shaped and consists of star-like spreading petals. The sweet fragrance that surrounds hyacinths belongs to the most important features of these plants. These sturdy plants start to bloom in the middle of spring and in case of this particular variety bloom for a long time – up to 6 weeks in the optimal conditions!

These popular bulbous plants need a rather sunny site, but may also successfully grow in light shade or in dispersed light. A fertile, permeable soil suits these hyacinths best. Plant them 10-20 cm deep in large, 15-25 cm spacings.

Hyacinths count among the most common garden residents. Plant them in representative, well exposed border spots. They are perfect for arranging colourful spots on lawns. They harmonise well with rock garden plants. Hyacinths also belong to popular bulbs for growing in pots. They often form base of different spring arrangements. You may also grown them in water. Plants grown that way will fill your interiors with wonderful fragrance already in winter.

  • Species: Hyacinth
  • Bulbs: 3
  • Flowering period: IV – VI
  • Planting depth: 10 – 20 cm
  • Planting distance: 15 – 25 cm