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Lawn rakes

Our online garden store offers sturdy lawn rakes at affordable prices. If you are not sure, what rakes would allow you to safely remove thatch from your lawns, hesitate no more and learn more about our offer! We kindly invite you to browse through this product subcategory!

Lawn rakes are different than rakes used for raking fallen leaves. If you need a tool that removes thatched grass from the greens, choose a device with thick, strong, broadly set and long spikes. All models presented below would also allow you to remove clumped grass from the lawn, without damaging its structure, nor tearing out grass tufts with roots. We offer, among others the Steel lawn rake with 16 spikes, equipped with a 130-cm long wooden handle. A broad head with optimally profiled spikes ensures quick and efficient work, while the long, lightweight handle is convenient to use even during time-consuming garden tasks. Check out our other products, too!

Garden Seeds Market allows you to purchase premium quality gardening tools from proven, best manufacturers. Our solid and affordable lawn rakes will serve you for years to come. Do not miss out on this chance, take advantage of the cost-effective home delivery and take care of better work comfort in your garden. You are always welcome at our online store!