Lawn seed for roadsides - Autostrada I - 5 kg

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The "Autostrada I" lawn seed selection for roadsides, sold here in 5 kg packages, is a composition of seeds of the hardy, quickly growing, winter-hardy grasses intended first and foremost for covering roadsides. It contains premium quality seeds of such grasses as: perennial ryegrass, Italian rye-grass, Westerwold ryegrass, red fescue (creeping habit - Festuca rubra ssp. rubra), sheep fescue and tall fescue. The carefully measured proportions of the given varieties allow you to quickly grow dense, healthy, juicy green turf.

The "Autostrada I" lawn seed selection for roadsides stands out with excellent adaptation capability and tolerance to changing, yet not always favourable environmental conditions. All species it encompasses handle direct exposure to sunlight and drought well. They are also resistant to air and water pollution. The grass selection offered here in our garden store is recommended for growing alongside roadside ditches and medians on motorways and express ways.

Each package contains 5 kg of the "Autostrada I" lawn seed for roadsides. The sow-by date has been printed at the back of the package.

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