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Leaf shine with a foliar fertilizer - Zielony Dom® - 500 ml

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Presented leaf shine, delivered to you by a renown Zielony Dom® brand, is specially dedicated for pot plants. This all-purpose product not only enhances plants' appearance, but also improves their resistance and replenishes deficiencies of key nutrients.

This leaf shine also acts as strong foliar fertilizer. It is particularly well suited for supplementing plants with thick, fleshy leaves. It is based on the natural bee wax that makes leaf surface shiny and improves the overal look of the plant. The admixture of organic amber reduces air ionization that is characteristic for some plant species.

You only need to spray the preparation over the leaves from a distance of 15-20 cm every 2 to 3 weeks. Some plants with thinner foliage may be fertilized less frequently, 4-5 week intervals would suit them fine. Do not use this product on cactuses and succulents. Presented leaf shine is delivered to you in a handy sprayer bottle.

The package contains 500 ml of the leaf shine, as well as the best-before date and detailed instructions of use.