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Leucocoryne purpurea Andes - 10 pcs; glory-of -the-sun

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This is an unknown bulbous plant that comes from central Chile. It belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family. Small bulbs display their presence through tufts of grassy leaves. Their vegetation ends with appearing of the flowering stalks. Umbels of the bicolour flowers appear on the smooth and slender stalks.

Six-petal, fragrant blooms do not resemble any other species that are commonly grown in Central Europe. The petals are purple with a crimson red eye in the middle. Deep in the calyx there is yellow-green spot from which three small pistils emerge. Clusters of flowers grow from one stem on long petioles. Blooming period depends largely on the time of planting and weather conditions in the given season. It usually falls for April – May or June – July, if the plants were planted in spring.

Leucocoryne purpurea, also called glory-of-the-sun, requires sunny sites with permeable soil. It may be grown as pot plant. Keep the soil moist in spring and summer and limit the watering to the minimum after that. Bulbs tolerate temperatures down to -4°C, but need to be excavated before the winter.

This plant fits onto bright borders, flower beds and larger groups on lawns. It is recommended for cultivation in rock gardens, as it harmonizes well with crawling plants. They look best in ornamental pots. Slender stems with originally coloured umbels are a great material for bouquets. Leucocoryne purpurea Andes is a durable cut flower. It may adorn the interiors in vases for up to 3 weeks.

  • Species: Leucocoryne purpurea
  • Variety: Leucocoryne purpurea
  • Bulbs: 10
  • Wintering in the ground: No
  • Flowering period: IV – V or VI – VII