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"Malwa Eco" eco-friendly pot with wood admixture - 25 cm - chiselled, grey

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The "Malwa Eco" is an eco-friendly plant pot. Up to 40% of natural wood has been used in the production of this outstanding product. It combines a simple shape and unique decorative finishing. Therefore it looks great in classically and modernly arranged rooms. An intriguing surface pattern that resembles chiselled ornaments and lets the light refract on it, add plenty of character to it. It is suited for interior decorations, but thanks to the resistance to low temperatures it will also fit into gardens and balconies perfectly.

The "Malwa Eco" plant pot is exceptionally durable and the wood admixture does not impair its durability in any way. It is resistant not only to mechanical damage, such as scratches or breaking, but to external factors, too. Neither its quality, nor its appearance will not be impaired by the changing temperatures, wind or constant exposure to sunlight. The plastic it has been made of is easy to clean. Pots of that model are sold with a handy, removable insert.


  • Diameter: 25.0 cm
  • Height: 25.5 cm

Colour: grey