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Perennial ryegrass 'Angelina' - 5 kg

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The 'Angelina' perennial ryegrass is a new variety of the tuft building ryegrass. This species is resistant to trampling and regenerates well. Its improved resistance and tolerance to various diseases make it a great variety for home garden lawns and sporting grounds. It is commonly added to lawn seed mixtures of various, even professional character. It creates sturdy, bright green tuft that stands out with slow regrowth and small, narrow leaves. It is highly regarded by the gardeners as an important addition to perfectly groomed lawns.

The perennial ryegrass belongs to the sturdiest grasses. It develops a spreading strong root system. It is resistant to treading and forms dense tufts. It does not die under the snow and grows back quickly in the spring. Its growing and spreading rate is truly remarkable.

One package contains 5 kg of the 'Angelina' perennial ryegrass. Each package contains the growing conditions and the sow-by date.