Radish "Cherry Belle" - TREATED SEEDS

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Radish "Cherry Belle" (Raphanus sativus) belongs to the earliest varieties, whose roots may be harvested already 25 days after the cultivation start. This variety is fitted for cultivation in the field and under covers, both in spring and autumn. This cultivar produces regularly shaped, ideally round roots that are covered with smooth, vividly red-coloured peel. The flesh underneath takes on white colour, is glassy, but does not get pithy nor breaks. It displays exceptionally tender taste and firm, crunchy structure. Radishes are a great, healthy snack, but are also a great addition to salads, sauces, cottage cheese and eggs. They contain substantial amounts of vitamin C, iron, calcium, are used in diets and curing anemia.

Radish is an undemanding and easily cultivated vegetable. It is grown from direct sow to the place it would grow. Seed offered here have been treated. This action protects emerging plants from damping off, root flies and flea beetles. Radish seeds are sown in early spring, until end of May for the spring harvest. Radish intended for autumn harvest may only be sown end of August, because under warm and sunny conditions it does not produce roots, but sprouts flowering stalks. Cultivation takes place in rows 10 - 20 cm apart. Radish grows best on permeable soils rich in humus and water.

One package contains 10 g of "Cherry Belle" radish treated seeds. The package information contains a growing guide and the sow-by date.

  • Weight: 10 g
  • Use: direct consumption - salads, sauces, with cottage cheese or eggs
  • Harvest time: 25 days after the cultivation start
  • Site: permeable, humous, moist soil
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