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Siberian fritillary - Fritillaria pallidiflora - large package! - 10 pcs; Fritillaria pallidiflora

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The Siberian fritillary is yet another charming offer of that family. Its stiff shoots with numerous light yellow flowers will charmingly decorate the garden flower beds. It fits onto various location provided that they are exposed to sunlight. It is seldom to be found in home gardens, that is also why we recommend to buy a few pieces of this beautiful flowers.

A stalk and leaves that are similar to those of the lilies shoot from the Siberian fritillary bulbs. They differ from lily foliage with a waxy coating that gives them a greyish shade. The stem forks quite often in the middle. Flowers grow at the tips of the thin stems. The nodding bell-shaped flowers take on a pale golden colour. The Siberian fritillary blooms abundantly and one plant can produce even more than a dozen flowers.

This species of a flowering plant prefers sunny sites. The soil should not be moist, but rather sandy with proper drainage. Should you not possess of such soil, we recommend to add a drainage layer to the hole before planting. You can also form a small mound over the bulb that would allow the water to run off. The soil does not need to be exceptionally fertile, the average nutrients' content would be enough.

This magnificent flower looks best in groupings. It fits into gardens cultivated in various styles. This plant constitutes an adorable component of the spring flower beds filled with bulbous plants and seasonal annuals. They look great in natural compositions and will harmonize well with a larger forget-me-nots groups and funkia tufts. If there is a pond or a stream on your property, book a place nearby for the fritillaries. Their unique beauty will be even more exposed close to the water.

Each package contains 10 bulbs of the Siberian fritillary, sized 20 to 24 cm in circumference. The essential plant growing information is printed on each package.

  • Use: ornamental
  • Flower colour: pale golden
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Flower type: bell-shaped, nodding
  • Site: sunny or partial shade
  • Bulbs: 10

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