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Soil rake (14 prongs) - QuikFit - FISKARS

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The QuikFit 14-prong soil rake belongs to the most popular gardening tools. It is intended for evening bed surfaces, collecting the fallen foliage and mown grass. The classic form and premium quality steel make it long-lasting, all-purpose tool. The rake can be used almost all year round. They are comfortable in use, easily manoeuvrable and, first and foremost, durable.  The quick mounting on the handle, the possibility to use various shaft lengths make these tools functional and reliable. The all-purpose, high quality rake improve the smoothness, effectivity and comfort of work.

This rake is manufactured of high quality, black powder coated carbon steel and will meet all expectations during the most demanding garden tasks. This rake does not bend and does not corrode. It is not prone to mechanical damage.

The exchangeable QuikFit working heads mounted on the universal shaft or handle will allow you enjoy premium quality, effective gardening tools. These tools are equipped with a unique double lock system that allows for quick and secure mounting. The broad assortment of QuikFit tools makes finding the right tool for any given task possible and therefore reduce the number of gardening equipment and facilitate maintaining order in your tool shed or box. The selection of the working heads is truly immense. You will find both the most popular and more specialized tools among them. The possibility to use a variety of handles makes the QuikFit system the unmatched gardening tools solution of excellent quality.

Length: 20.5 cm

Width: 36 cm

Weight: 428 g

Height: 7 cm