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STARTER - Planting starter fertilizer - 5-in-1 - Compo® - 40 g

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STARTER - Planting starter fertilizer 5-in-1 from Compo® - is intended for use during planting and transplanting all plants. It suits needs of garden, balcony and home plants alike. It effectively reduces the shock connected with transplanting and positively impacts plants' condition. Starter fertilizer immediately provides plants with necessary nutrients and then fertilizes them for up to 6 months. It stimulates root growth, helping plants to take root quickly. Presented fertilizer improves soil quality, increases its water capacity and limites drying, what is is particularly important during the early growth and development stage.

This multicomponent granulated fertilizer is efficient and easy in use. You should only pour it into a hole prepared for a plant. Mix it with the soil, put the plant in and water thoroughly. One dose is enough to provide the plant with all nutrients needed for a healthy and successful start. Thanks to a slow release this fertilizer will supplement the plants for up to 6 months.

The package contains 40 g of STARTER Planting starter fertilizer 5-in-1 - Compo®, as well as the best-before date and detailed instructions of use.

Application methods. During planting: mix ca. 20-40 grams of the fertilizer with the soil per each 30 cm of the balcony box length or per 1 large plant. The already growing plants: spread the fertilizer around the plants and mix it with the upper layer of soil. Water the plants abundantly after use.