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Sweet "Robertina" pepper - 48 seeds

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Peppers are popular annual plants. Their tasty fruit are a rich source of easily assimilable vitamins A and E, as well as other nutrients, such as calcium and kalium. This is also a real vitamin C bomb - it holds the first place in vitamin C content among vegetables eaten raw. We advise to have at least a few such plants, particularly of the "Robertina" variety, in your garden. This variety belongs to medium-early varieties. Seedlings are transplanted into unheated foil tunnels. "Robertina" develops compact, stiff bushes, so it does not need staking. It is weather-resistant. We can enjoy this abundantly fruit bearing plant fairly soon after planting. Presented variety bears large, regularly shaped fruit. Their shiny, springy skin protects crisp, dark red flesh. Thick, juicy and sweet fruit walls taste best in salads, pastes, sandwiches, with creme fraiche, in sauces, but are also perfectly suited for preparetion of all fried, steamed, stewed or roasted dishes. It can also be pickled and stored during autumn and winter. Everyone will find its favourite among this plethora of uses. "Robertina" peppers is delicious vegetable that will enhance our health, strengthen our body and help us fight free radicals.

A packet contains 0.3 g of the highest quality "Robertina" pepper seeds and detailed growing instructions and the sow-by date.

  • Weight: 0.3 g
  • Use: eaten raw, in salads; in pastes, sandwiches, sauces; fried, steamed, stewed, cooked or roasted
  • Growth form: compact bush

Approximately 48 seeds (+/- 20%)