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Tomato fertilizer - concentrate for 250 litres of watering solution - Substral®

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Tomato fertilizer, concentrate for 250 litres of watering solution, from Substral® is a high quality preparation for supplementation of tomato plants, both in the garden and in greenhouses. You may also apply it to your sweet peppers. The carefully prepared, balanced composition provides plants with optimal nutrition. The soil is supplied with all nutrients and minerals in easily available form. Plants regularly fed with the presented fertilizer will grow stronger and develop properly and what is also important, enhance their disease resistance. Proper fertilization ensures high yield and you will be able to enjoy premium quality fruit with excellent, natural taste.

Tomato fertilizer from Substral® that is offered here is in concentrated form. One litre of the efficient fertilizer allows you to prepare 250 litres of applicable solution. The best results can be achieved by fertilizing plants at least every fortnight. We recommend to apply the product over the roots and make sure not to sprinkle it on the leaves. The fertilization in case of greenhouses and foil tunnels should start as soon as the first fruit buds appear. In case of field cultures fertilize when the second wave of buds appears.

The package contains 1 litre of the tomato fertilizer, concentrate for 250 litres of watering solution from Substral®, as well as the best-before date and detailed instructions of use.

Dosage: dissolve 40 ml of the product in 10 litres of water. This amount of the solution is sufficient to feed 4 plants