Tomato "Mascot" - cocktail type, low growing variety - SEED TAPE

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Tomato "Mascot" (Lycopersicum esculentum) - SEED TAPE - is a low growing, cocktail-type tomato variety that is perfectly fitted for cultivation in smaller gardens and in containers, placed on balcony or terrace due to its small habit. This dwarf, determinate variety develops broad shrubs consisting of slender stems. Small, "cocktail" berries reach 2 - 4 cm in diameter and take on nice, round shape. Their shiny, appetizing, red peel does not tend to brak. These small tomatoes are very tasty and sweet and constitute a great addition to salads, pasta and meat and may be used as dish garnish.

Tomato "Mascot" is very easy in cultivation. It may be sown directly to the ground or in large containers. It does not require topping nor staking. The use of ready-made seed tape will make the cultivation even easier. You do not need to worry that plants will grow too densely, nor thin the seedlings, because the seeds have been optimally placed on the tapes. Placing seed stripes in the garden is not difficult, you need to to unreel them in 0.5-cm-deep furrows that are 40 - 50 cm apart. Cover them with soil and water thoroughly. Start the culture from mid-April to beginning of May. Tomatoes require a sunny and sheltered site. You will grow best crops in permeable soil rich in nutrients and water.

Each package contains 6 m of seed tape with cocktail dwarf "Mascot" tomato seeds. The package information contains growing instructions and the sow-by date.

  • Use: direct, raw consumption
  • Growth form: dwarf, determinate
  • Site: sunny, sheltered; permeable soil rich in nutrients and water
  • Quantity: 6 m of seed tape
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