Tropical sage - pink-orange variety - 84 seeds

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Pink-orange tropical sage (Salvia splendens) surprises us with a rare, pastel colouring of its numerous, charming blooms. Flowers set up in dense and long spikes open in June to adorn the plants until September. Oval, sharp pointed, dark green tropical sage leaves form decorative, compact rosettes. The whole plant forms a dense, yet slender tuft that reaches height of 25 to 30 cm. You may grow it in larger groupings on border, create pastel spots on flower beds or compose it in bowls and boxes with other attractive colour varieties, such as cherry-red, white or pruple.

Seeds are sown in early spring into a hotbed, greenhouse or glass-covered pot on a windowsill at home. Rapidly growing seedlings are pricked out and as soon as they develop a few pairs of leaves, transferred into open field, on a balcony, terrace or patio (after the May frosts). Plants will develop a nice habit and bloom exuberantly in any moderately fertile, permeable soil, provided we give them a sunny site. They will harmonise with brightly coloured summer flowers, such as asters, zinnias, marigolds or garden pansies.

Each package contains 0.3 g of pink-orange tropical sage seeds. Package information contains a growing guide and the sow-by date.

  • Weight: 0.3 g
  • Use: Ornamental - borders, flower beds, containers
  • Flowering period: June - September
  • Growth form: dense, slender tuft
  • Flower colour: Pink-orange
  • Foliage: Oval, sharp pointed, dark green, gathered in rosettes
  • Flower type: spikes
  • Site: sunny; moderately fertile, permeable soil

Approximately 84 seeds (+/- 20%)

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