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Twist-off jar lids (6 lugs) - fruit on a white background - ø¸ 82 mm

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A six-lug twist-off jar lid with a colourful aesthetic surface is an absolutely necessary accessory not only during the high season of home preserve preparation. A wide selection of patterns allows you to find a lid that matches the contents of the jar. The air-tight and solid lids prevent the air from getting into the jar. A fitting lid is the key component of your strategy against rotting food and it getting stale.

Presented lid has been manufactured of galvanized steel. Its inner part has been specially secured against corrosion. This lid has been permitted for food contact and it does not alter the taste and aroma of your preserves. The lids that we offer here are suitable for pasteurization in high temperatures and air-tight sealing of food stored in refrigerators. Twist-off jar lids belong to basic, absolutely necessary home equipment. They help you close jars with pickles, compotes, and jams. They will also help you store dry food products.

These beautiful colourful lids offer more than just air-tight sealing. The themed lids make your home produce easier to distinguish and more attractive.

The lid offered here measures 82 mm in diameter.

Lid pattern: fruit on a white background - mix

  • material: galvanized steel, silicone