Pre-season order

Terms and conditions for the fulfilment of orders which include products from the pre-season range.

1. By making your selection from the pre-season range, you can count on lower prices than purchases made during the season, even if the order is dispatched at the peak of the season.

2. Orders placed during the pre-season offer period are dispatched in the order that they were received. The length of the queue depends on the popularity of the product on offer, and the waiting time for delivery can be extended if the order is placed towards the end of the pre‑season offer period. In such cases, information about any possible delays will be sent to you by email.

3. All pre-season products are guaranteed to be available by our suppliers. In exceptional circumstances (e.g., plant disease), the customer will be informed immediately about the possible resolutions to the situation.

4. The description of each product from the pre-season range includes a clear indication of when it will be normally available for sale and when it will be dispatched.

5. If the order also includes other products, which are not part of the pre-season range, they will be dispatched together with the purchased pre-season products. This does not apply when there are also products in the order which should not be stored in the warehouse too long (e.g., plant seedlings) or when the customer makes a special request to divide the order into two parts. In such cases, extra delivery charges may be added to the cost of delivery.

6. Payment for pre-season orders:

a. The preferred payment method is by prior bank transfer (traditional or fast online payment). We wait for prepayments to arrive for up to 10 days from the moment of placing the order. Orders not paid after this time will be cancelled.