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Beutel und Säcke aus Polypropylen

Our Polypropylene Bags and Sacks are essential for every household. You can purchase them at affordable prices in various sizes. They are designed for storing dry goods, including food, fuels, construction materials, fertilizers, and other components used in agriculture and gardening. You won't believe your eyes when you see the competitive prices we offer for high-quality polypropylene sacks and bags in our online store!

We offer a range of white, thick polypropylene bags in our store. They ensure excellent durability, tear resistance, and resistance to mechanical damage. The sturdy yet lightweight fabric used for manufacturing these bags is approved for food contact. With these bags, you can safely store and transport sugar, flour, grain, or animal fodder. Thanks to their high durability, our polypropylene bags are ideal for transporting coal, briquettes, sand, gravel, and debris. The competitive pricing is another advantage of this product – it's an investment that will pay off. You can choose from the white polypropylene bags, such as the 50 x 80 cm bag made of 50g fabric that can carry up to 25 kg of any load, or the XXL versions suitable for carrying up to 50 kg of load, like the white 65 x 110 cm polypropylene bag made of 86g fabric or the white 80 x 125 cm bag made of even thicker 120g fabric. We cordially invite you to place your orders!

Save time and money by ordering containers and bags from the leading online producers. We guarantee premium quality and durability for our products – our polypropylene sacks and bags, available in our store, are a long-term investment. Click, place your order, and see how it makes sense!