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Aquilegia, Columbine seeds

There are seeds of several columbine, or granny’s bonnet species available in our store, alpine columbine and hybrid columbine, among others. These plants are intended for planting on borders and edgings around trees and shrubs. They will form great compositions with other flowers in rustic gardens. Unfortunately, columbines do not present much of an ornamental value after they have withered, hence it is recommended to plant them alongside other ornamental plants. Columbines can also be grown for cut flowers.

You might probably like the „Nora Barlow” columbine variety with beautiful, pink flowers blooming from June until July. It looks great in company of hybrid cultivar „Mc Kana’s” that produces multicoloured blooms. If you wish to introduce sunny feeling to your garden, think about the golden columbine with yellow, almost golden flowers. All columbine seeds available in our online store are of the highest quality.