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Aquilegia, Columbine seeds

We offer a diverse range of Aquilegia, Columbine seeds in our online store, including the alpine columbine, hybrid columbine, and more. These plants are perfect for bordering around trees and shrubs, creating beautiful compositions in rustic gardens. While columbines may lose some of their ornamental value after they wither, pairing them with other decorative plants ensures a vibrant garden throughout the seasons. Additionally, Columbines make excellent cut flowers.

We believe you'll adore the "Nora Barlow" columbine variety, boasting stunning pink blooms from June to July. It pairs wonderfully with the hybrid cultivar "Mc Kana's" which offers multicoloured flowers. And for a touch of sunshine in your garden, consider the golden columbine, which showcases yellow, almost golden petals. Rest assured, all Aquilegia, Columbine seeds in our collection are of the highest quality. Dive into the world of columbines with us!