Thermometers and weather stations

Thermometers and weather stations are useful devices that will make your life easier. There are outdoor and indoor thermometers in a wide variety along with the multifunction weather stations that allow you to measure air humidity, air pressure or the direction and strength of wind, in the offer of our online store. We invite you to take a closer look at these products!

An Outdoor white or brown 19-cm thermometer that is resistant to frost and heat, durable and easy to read, available in metal or plastic housing should come in handy in every household. You will purchase one at a very competitive price in our shop! We also offer a wide selection of indoor thermometers, both simple and ornamental. This practical accessory may become a stylish enhancement of your living room arrangement. Just take a look at the exceptionally elegant Indoor 40 x 150 mm wooden straight thermometer available in mahogany, brown, light brown or dark brown colour versions. Order an Indoor self-adhesive nursery thermometer for your child's room. The colourful, fairy tale and cartoon designs of animals will delight your offspring. A Round dial fridge and freezer thermometer with a hanger, an accurate, yet clear and readable device, is also available. If you spend your time preparing home-made preserves, a new kitchen aide may be of interest to you – the 23-cm preserve thermometer with a measuring range of 0 to 100°C. This device will help you control the temperature of cooking marmalades and other delicacies. Are you an amateur wine maker or beer brewer? Then you should definitely order the 18 x 130 mm self-adhesive liquid crystal thermometer that ensures accurate measurement on a carboy or fermenter. Premium quality weather stations are also available in our store. These useful devices enable you to measure atmospheric factors in a quick and reliable manner. Start with a simple and practical Silver weather station with a hanger – thermometer with a hygrometer or with the multifunction and ornamental Garden weather station – thermometer, anemometer and rain gauge. An elegant, stylish Hanging weather station – barometer, hygrometer and thermometer – consisting of three clearly designed dials in a dark brown casing, might also arouse your interest.

That is by far not all we have prepared for you: the offer of the Garden Seeds Market online store grows every week. We strive to provide you with premium quality products and therefore are constantly looking for new interesting solutions. Stay up to date, take advantage of the free delivery and save even more thanks to discounts offered to loyal customers. We invite you to a highly satisfying shopping tour!