Peat pellets

Peat pellets is a modern solution for growing seedlings at home and professionally. Thanks to this product you will quickly, easily sow seeds without staining your hands. We will tell you, how it is possible!

Expandable peat pellets are small portions of peat, compressed and covered with a bio-degradable material. Watered pellets expands and transforms into an eco-friendly “pot”. Peat is lightweight, permeable, yet absorbs plenty of water – therefore it provides the germinating seeds with ideal development conditions. You do not have to carry sacks with seeding soil, nor prepare the mixture on your own. We put an end to washing the nursery pots all over again and the tender roots damaged again and again during transplantation. Peat pellets significantly facilitate seedling production and since they are made of 100% materials, you may plant them together with the plants. This is an eco-friendly, business-savvy and time-saving solution. You will purchase premium quality peat pellets at a special price in our online store. We offer the 18, 33 and 44 mm thick versions in packs containing different numbers of them from 10 to 996 pieces. Click on the product, take a closer look and indulge yourself I tests of this extraordinary product.

We invite you for a shopping tour through the online Garden Seeds Market. Growing plants with us is less arduous and brings even more satisfaction. Order peat pellets with an affordable home delivery.