Plant food mists

Plant food mists belong to the easy applicable pot plant fertilizers intended for quick replenishing of nutrient deficiencies. Taking proper care of home and balcony plants is not as easy, as it might look at first glance. Even less demanding species might react badly to unfavourable environment and conditions, such as excessive watering or drought, washing minerals away from the soil, wrong temperature or lighting. Diseases and pests form yet another form of threat to the plants and may also aggravate their condition.

Therefore, if you wish to provide your orchids, ferns and other pot flowers with optimal development and growth conditions, choose immediately acting, efficient and effective fertilizing mists. They are absolutely necessary in difficult situations. The innovative formula of those products allows you to quickly and efficiently feed the plants through their foliage. Nutrients that these products contain, come in an easily assimilable form and are absorbed right after the application. The results of foliar fertilization can be seen after a couple of applications already. Fertilizing mists are available at exceptionally competitive prices in our online garden store.

Order the all-purpose home and balcony plant mist and obtain a product that can be used in taking care of the popular pot plants! We also recommend the excellent fern fertilizing mist that will help you support these picky and sensitive plants, as well as a broad selection of orchid mists - take into consideration one of our bestsellers - the "Srebrna Ochrona" (Silver Protection) Orchid Mist that nourishes and waters these beautiful flowers, disinfects them and protects from mould and diseases!

Take a closer look at our products, read the descriptions and make an order that would quickly be delivered right to your door. We kindly invite you for shopping tour with a satisfaction guarantee.