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Primula, Primrose seeds

Our store offers seeds of different primrose species, such as the popular common, or English primrose, oxlip or drumstick primrose. These plants are fitted for flower beds or can be cultivated in containers.

You should take interest in Vial’s or orchid primrose that develops intriguing, fragrant, purple ear-shaped inflorescences that adorn the garden all spring long. It will find its place in rock gardens, on flower beds and can even be cultivated for cut flowers. Drumstick primrose presents similar ornamental value with its ball-shaped inflorescences that slightly resemble ornamental garlic. The flowers may take on white, pale purple, violet or scarlet colour. If you dwell on container cultivation, common primrose would be the right choice for decorating a windowsill or balcony. However, it can also be used at border edgings. The „Gold Lace” oxlip with interestingly coloured, yellow-burgundy flowers, is also worth your attention.