Watermelon Seeds

You definitely need to order watermelon seeds, if you dream of juicy, delicious and sweet fruit. Our online store offers a wide selection of watermelon cultivars, for example the „Janosik” that produces fruit with yellow flesh covered with green peel. „Zloto Wolicy” may also arouse your interest – it bears yellow-golden fruit with red flesh. „Bingo” watermelon variety produces fruit with green-white peel and pink-red flesh. The „Rosario” variety is particularly fitted for our often adverse weather conditions and will develop fruit even in lower temperatures.

All watermelon varieties available in our garden store can be succesfully grown in temperate climate. We offer high quality watermelon seeds with high germination capacity, what guarantees successful cultivation and rich fruit crops.

The right cultivation and care help watermelons produce large, juicy, aromatic and delicious fruit that constitute the reward for our hard work. Depending on the cultivar and weather, one plant may bear from three to six fruit. Watermelon is a wonderful vegetable with excellent taste. It will help you quench thirst since it consists in 90 per cent of water. It is also a rich source of minerals, phosphorus, kalium and iron among others, folic acid and C and B vitamins. Watermelon with its base-forming qualities also supports our digestive system.