Grass and lawn fertilizers

Lawn fertilizers offer the reliable method of improving grass condition after the winter, eliminate moss that every now and then infests your turf and fill empty gaps that make the lawn look ugly. Products presented below are complete EC lawn NPK fertilizers, often enriched with micronutrients that improve tillering, disease resistance, frost hardiness and give the grass a bright green colour and... fight weeds! Products from renown brands (Agrecol, Biopon, Substral, Target and many others) that are available at competitive prices at our store constitute a long-term investment in the healthy, beautiful and resistant grass. Check out our lawn fertilizers! We offer the best products of that type only!

We offer cheap and efficient, easy to use all-purpose lawn fertilizers: "Efekt Dywanu" (Carpet Effect) Lawn Fertilizer from Target, the "100 dni" (100 days) Lawn Fertilizer, intended to be used twice in a season, from Substral and the equally efficient Long-lasting Lawn Fertilizer from Biopon. If you intend to limit the grass growth, use the "Mniej Koszenia" (Less mowing) Lawn Fertilizer from Target. Is there more moss than grass on your lawn? You need to immediately order moss-fighting products: the "Magiczna Siła" (Magical Power) Emergency Fertilizer for Moss-infested Lawns from Substral, the Florovit Fertilizer for Moss-infested lawns or a variety of other dependable products of our other brands. We have multicomponent products on stock. Some contain extra iron and improve the overall condition and appearance of the grass. Our selection also encompasses fertilizers that prevent the turf from yellowing and fight weeds (e.g. Hortifoska (phosphor-potassium fertilizer for garden plants) from Agrecol and the Biopon Fertilizer for Weed-infected Lawns). We also offer professional fertilizer products for reseeding, setting up new laws and complete rejuvenation of the neglected turf, as well as a broad selection of excellent autumn fertilizers that will allow you to prepare the grass for the winter.

Take a closer look at the products gathered in this department! Every lawn owner will find products enabling her or him to treat it comprehensively. Our lawn fertilizers are suited both for ornamental, strictly kept lawns and the intensively used golf courses and sporting grounds. Let us show you, how beautiful your grass could look like after supplementing it with the right fertilizer.