Plant labels

Do you think that plant labels are useless? That statement is far from the truth. A small board with plant name will prevent you from mistakes in taking care of, particularly young plants that have not developed features typical for mature plants and may be easily confused with other species. We recommend to obtain some labels before producing seedlings of plant varieties of the same species – a label with the cultivar name will allow you to quickly and easily identify each seedling.

Our online store offers plant labels made of different materials. If you are a nature freak, buy wooden Legutko plant boards or the Hanging wooden plant labels, perfectly suited for marking tree and shrub varieties. We also offer plastic 12.5-cm Plant labels, an aesthetic and legible product and the Colourful seedling labels that fit into even smallest nursery pots. If you also wish that your plant label would act as ornament, too, order Wooden plant boards – 4 pieces with chalk. Properly described cultures will give your green corner a professional look.

Order plant labels with affordable home delivery. Choose from premium quality products and save thanks to competitive prices. We encourage you to browse through our selection and wish you a pleasant shopping tour.