We kindly invite you to the Lawn seeds department! You will find only first class grass selections for different sites here. Learn more about the broad selection available in our online garden store! In order to make shopping as convenient as possible for you, we have divided products into clearly defined subcategories. You will be able to immediately find seeds of the grasses you look for.

Are you trying to grow fresh, green turf on a sunny and less frequently watered site? Choose lawn selection for dry sites. Lawn grass seeds for shady places await you in another category – these encompass species' and variety mixes that need a minimal exposure to sunlight in order to grow abundantly and spread broadly. Is your lawn supposed to be your children's playground? Order recreational and sports lawn mixes that stand out with excellent resistance to treading. Seeds of the universal grasses, on the other hand, would fit onto many different locations. Among them you will find the noble species recommended for showcase lawns. Should you need a heavy-duty turf for special tasks, choose professional lawn seed mixes. These grass selections are perfectly suited for football fields, roadsides, public squares and parks. We offer seeds in packages of various sizes. Visit the Large grass seed packages category in order to find economy bags. We offer them at truly affordable prices! If you need to fill some gaps only, you will find the fitting repair and rejuvenation sets in the Overseeding and lawn repair department.

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