Pest Control

Pest Control Products is one of the most extensive sections of our online gardening store. Here, you'll discover a wide selection of repellents and pest control solutions for crops, gardens, agricultural structures, storage facilities, and homes. We provide effective solutions for mice and rats that frequently infest livestock areas, basements, and garages. You'll also find repellent products for voles and moles, ensuring nothing disrupts the beauty of your flower bulbs anymore! We also offer dependable methods to deter birds from feasting on your fruit trees. If a marten has taken up residence in your attic, our modern repellents can help you safely and effectively drive it away without harming the animal.

We also stock innovative, reliable products for snail control, which can be a significant nuisance in vegetable gardens. We encourage you to explore our range!

Are you in search of affordable mouse traps? We have wooden, metal, and eco-friendly live traps available in various models, including those suitable for larger animals. If you're considering purchasing poison for mice and rats, we offer Granulated Poison and Grain Poison by Bros, along with the highly effective Rat Perfect Killer Best. Additionally, we provide cost-effective deratization feeders. Looking for mole control solutions? Our selection includes durable mole nets, reliable mole traps with alarms, and granulated carbide options from Sumin or Bros in various packaging sizes. In our store, you'll also find lavender fertilizer to deter pests from your lawn, as well as repellent sprays like Kretox Best and Farewell to the Mole by Zielony Dom. Our bird nets, available in various sizes, can help protect your fruits from feathered intruders. Do you have issues with martens, foxes, or other predators on your property? You can order the Best Aerosol Marten Repellent or Spray for Martens, Foxes, Weasels, Moles, and Voles by Hunter. You may also be interested in our ultrasonic emitters, such as the Powerful Rodent, Marten, Weasel, and Mouse Repellent, or the Ultrasonic Repellent with Motion Sensor and Frequency Adjustment, designed to quickly deter intruders from your yard. If you're battling ravenous snails, consider our fantastic snail control products, available at competitive prices, including Substral Slugol, Pełzakol GR Sumin, Snail Control Target, or Farewell to the Snail – an eco-friendly snail barrier by Zielony Dom.

This is just a glimpse of our comprehensive offering, tailored to customers dealing with pest-related challenges. We continuously expand our range with attractive, tested, safe, and effective innovations. We invite you to enjoy a satisfying online shopping experience with affordable home delivery!