Gourd, Ornamental squash seeds

If you care more for the decorative value of vegetables, ornamental squash seeds are worth having a shot at. We offer many varieties of this plant, therefore you will definitely find the one for you!

Try seeds of the „Sultan Turban” variety that bears original fruit shaped like, as the name implies, the oriental headgear. Ornamental squash „Baby Boo” might also arouse your interest with its fruit that are perfect for dried arrangements. The best variety for Halloween lanterns would be the „Jack O’Lantern” cultivar. You only need to core the seeds and cut some shapes in the skin and flesh. For the indecisive ones there is an ornamental squash seed selection available that would develop crawling shoots that would cover a gazebo or fence.

All seeds available in our garden stand for high quality and good germination capacity, since they come from renowned producers only.