Gel fertilizers

Gel fertilizers are our proposal for owners of home orangeries, even those smallest ones, located... on a windowsill. Efficient, concentrated products of this category are available in many different versions. You will find the excellent citrus fertilizer, the quickly acting nerium (oleander) and olive fertilizer that can also be used for other Mediterranean plants, the best available fern fertilizer, professional datura fertilizer, the extended performance orchid fertilizer and many other gel products and additives.

Why should you choose these products? Gel form of the fertilizer makes the concentrate more efficient, e.g. can be applied more often, and has a richer formula (even with the same bottle capacity) than the standard liquid fertilizer. Gel fertilizers offered in our store contain the full set of nutrients that pot plants need to grow well, are exceptionally well assimilable and water soluble. When applied according to the manufacturer's guide printed on the package, they ensure marvellous visual effects - healthy, beautiful developing plants that regularly bear fruit and produce exuberant blooms.

Gel fertilizers would also come in handy in planting cuttings and seedlings: try out Multiroots - an efficient gel fertilizer that stimulates rooting and speeds up growth of strong, broad root systems. Products available in our online store come from our permanent, tested suppliers (Agrecol, Sumin and many others) and therefore can be trusted. You invest in the highest possible quality by shopping in our store. Add the competitive prices and numerous special and seasonal offers, affordable delivery options and you will see, that there is no better offer on the market. Let's go shopping!