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Fritillaria and Crown imperial bulbs

Fritillary bulbs have been enjoying great popularity in Central Europe for years. You will meet varieties with differently sized, developed, shaped and coloured flowers among Fritillaria species. Are you ready for the most decorative fritillary varieties? You will find them all in our online garden store. We offer, among others, the unique „Uva Vulpis” fritillary, commonly called fox-grape. Its violet-orange blooms that take on squat, elongated, hanging trumpet-shape adorn the garden early in summer. The majestic Persian fritillary with dark, almost black blooms blossoms earlier. Its numerous bell-shaped flowers are gathered in impressive inflorescences that sit atop the stems. The tiny snake’s head that blooms white-purple owes its popularity to the intriguing pattern on its petals. You should not forget the magnificent crown imperial! What about you? Did you choose your favourite fritillary? If you wish to enjoy abundant blooming of your bulbous plants every year, purchase bulbs from proven sources only. Perennials available in our store originate from Holland, as we cooperate with the best producers only to provide you with the highest quality at a reasonable price. The only thing you need to do is to choose the plants that ideally fit into your garden – detailed characteristics and numerous images should help you make the right choice. Enjoy the shopping!

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